A Decade of Growth

Growth is defined as the process of developing or maturing physically, mentally, or spiritually.

Growth is such an amazing thing, but it can be terrifying to think about and even more to undergo. Sometimes it cannot be seen physically or even felt until you’ve gone through particularly hard times and come through the other side, when you’ve been stretched so thin you don’t even know how you could have possibly made it through. In the end, the process of growth is hard but it’s such a beautiful thing!

Growth is not an easy topic for me to write about because it’s frightening to put yourself out there and to step out of your comfort zone. If I’m being completely transparent with all of you as friends, when I first started taking images they were terrible. (I feel like I should go back and compensate all of you wonderful souls who let me practice and improve my craft 10 years ago when I was just taking baby steps towards becoming a business.) I do appreciate each one of you and thank you so much for believing in me even when I wasn’t sure how to believe in myself.

Although not all growth is equal and my inward growth has far exceeded even the growth than can be seen in the form of my work, I thought it would be a fun little trip down memory lane to see just a little of my journey.

Ok… here we go!

Let’s start in 2010. Just a hobby and dipping my toes in just a bit.
2011- Not quite a business officially but making the journey from hobby to business.
2012- Officially Kristy Mae Photography, legal and learning. I understood nothing about consistency and definitely didn’t have a defined style.
2013- Decided I loved taking on weddings and had upgraded to full frame camera along with a lot of other gear by now
2014- Enjoying the journey and growing slowly but surely. Learning to master my focus and sharpness.
2015- Families have become some of my favorite sessions., but still over saturating my work just a tad.
2016- I had my youngest daughter and took a majority of the year off. This is about the time I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to keep this business going.
2017- These two helped me to see how much I loved sessions with my couples and that I did really want to continue, so thank you!! Still working to make my style consistent!
2018- Finally pinpointing my style and starting to really love weddings and my couples. Starting to rebuild now after taking most of 2016 off.
2019- Since last year I invested heavily in pouring myself into my craft. I decided it was time to really make it go and started believing in myself! Dedicated a lot of time growing my skills with education and anything that would help me.
2020- After a really fantastic 2019, I am now looking forward to stretching myself out of my comfort zone and learning new skills and working with new people. My passion has been renewed and I am looking forward to a fantastic wedding season and a year filled with so many opportunities!! Finding my way and loving everything about the path I am on now!

My hope in sharing other than being a visual reminder of how far I’ve come, is that each one of you can use my hesitation in sharing my journey to inspire you to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Let this be an encouragement to any of you out there who are thinking you’re not good enough or you’ve let fear hold you back. God has a journey and a path for each one of us and He has placed it in our heart for a reason so go after that dream!

All my love, Kristy

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