Do you have a camera but don't know how to use it to get the desired outcome?  I'd love to help you out! 

Want to learn how to take amazing photos of your adorable babies, your busy kiddos, or your teens who are growing up too fast? 

Do you have a desire to learn how to use your camera in an effective manner to capture your every day moments that I can't be there to capture for you. Life goes by too quickly
to miss all the precious moments that deserve to be captured! 

In this 4 hour workshop we will have a mixture of instructional, and hands on shooting time, as well as a light lunch and refreshments. 

We will cover the following topics:
Gear, Exposure, Settings, Lighting, 
and Composition in easy to understand language and you will also receive materials for you to keep, and you will be part of a private FB group.    
Any camera with a manual mode will be acceptable for this workshop. Total cost is $150 and message me for the next
available workshop dates! 

The Kristy Mae Photography Workshop Experience for Moms

Have a D-SLR camera that's sitting on the shelf collecting dust? Maybe you have one and you use it from time to time but don't understand how to use all those buttons? Maybe it's intimidating and you wish you could use it more effectively? 

In this 4 hour beginner workshop I will cover 
the different modes your camera offers, 
and we're going to turn the camera to manual 
mode and start learning how to really
use the tools you have to capture 
your memories! 

This workshop will be: 4 hours | presented in easy to understand language | will include a light lunch and refreshments | materials to keep | a private fb group to get further assistance and community to share your progress | hands on help as you take steps towards shooting in manual 

Topics covered: types of gear- cameras, lenses, flashes, and other available tools | exposure- ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture | Camera Settings | White Balance | Metering

Must have a DSLR Camera for this course and the cost will be $150. Message me for the next available workshop dates! 

The Kristy Mae Photography Workshop Experience for Beginners

The group thing not for you?
Interested in learning in more of a one on one environment? 
Message me and I'd be more than happy to set up a time to walk you through how to get your camera off auto mode and into manual!

Message me for my hourly mentorship rates and information!  

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Sweet Notes

Kristy Mae Photography is amazing! Kristy’s workshop was a class I had been searching for, for some time. The bonus was that the class was close to home. Kristy’s patience, knowledge, experience and love for what she does is displayed in the photos she shared from her first workshop. Kristy provided individual as well as group instruction. She has also given us the opportunity to share our photos and provides us feedback on how to correct or improve the photos. I’m thankful I got to be a part of Kristy’s first workshop and look forward to future workshops.

Kristy was the most amazing photographer ever. We had a very unique situation and she was so accommodating. She planned with us last minute and got to know us very quickly. Having pictures taken can be overwhelming, especially in the whirlwind of a wedding but she made it stress free for us all! We got our photos quickly and I absolutely love them, seeing them brought me to tears. She did an amazing job capturing our personalities and keeping the photos so real. I Highly recommend her business and will be using her for all photography needs in the future!!

Kelsey & Ryan


Sweet Notes


Kristy is absolutely phenomenal and made it so fun for David and I. She got so many amazing moments of our wedding that I didn’t even see !!!! I love every one!!
Thank you Kristy for everything!!!!!

Ashley & David


Sweet Notes