Cameron’s 13th Birthday Glow Party

If you know me even the slightest little bit, you already know I have a deep love for and get SO excited about planning birthday parties and events. Some of my friends and family have even gone so far as to ask why I haven’t started a party planning business on the side because I’m a little too passionate about it.

In our family we do like to make each birthday as special and exciting as we can because a new year is a big deal and such a gift! I will admit I have been known to go a little over board (shh…) so in an effort to keep some sort of balance we had to make a tradition of only throwing big parties for milestone birthdays (1, 5, 10, 13..etc) and celebrating in smaller ways for the other years.

This year I got to plan Cameron’s 13th birthday in January, and I get to plan Connor’s party in May when he turns 10! I know this may seem absolutely crazy to some of you out there, but I’m equally as confident there are a few of you party planning loving people out there following along who can relate!

Sometimes I think I get more excited than my own kids do about their parties but they’re getting used to my craziness. Even though they’re probably getting to the age where they’re too cool to admit to it, I think they enjoy my over zealous ideas at least most of the time!

So, when it got to about mid year last year, I already knew what I was going to do for Cameron’s 13th! We had to have a glow party of course! Is there any other way to make a 13th birthday more exciting and memorable? It didn’t matter if we didn’t own a single black light, or if I had any idea if it could actually work but I went for it anyways!

It took a little work, a lot of motivation, half a dozen black lights of different sorts, hundreds of glow sticks, some delish food, glow paint, and a bunch of friends but it was definitely a success in my mind! Everyone had a good time and Cameron enjoyed himself so that was a win!

I wasn’t able to get quite as many photos of these fun festivities all set up because of course I was too busy doing other things, but I’ll share a few of the ones I was able to get! Oh, and if you’re the party planning type and think this sounds fun, I highly recommend you just go for it. It was so fun!

All My Love, Kristy

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