Hey There! 

I'm Kristy and photography makes my heart beat! 

I have always had a passion for photography but once my kiddos started coming into the world it refueled my desire to capture EVERY moment of their lives! (Thank goodness we entered the digital age or life could have been very expensive) I soon realized that I could also capture these memories for other people and share this passion that burns inside of me!  

So, in 2012 I took the leap and made my passion into a business. Since then I've invested in this business with all that I could, learning and growing by leaps and bounds along the way! (I can't thank those of you who believed in me from the beginning enough because without you, I would have never made it this far!) It's been an amazing journey and I can't wait to see where this goes and who else I get to meet and connect with because of it!  

Other than photography, I dream of a purposeful life, filled with the good stuff that really matters -adventures with my family, sunrises, vacations, chats with sweet friends that go on for hours, snuggles on the couch, date nights with my hubby, family traditions, loving my people, oh and someone to come cook and clean for me (#agirlcandream)! 

My Why

When I first became a Mama, I wanted to document every minute, every first, every milestone, every little face so I could remember everything about this sweet little baby. Fast forward 14 years and the older these kiddos get the more bitter sweet these moments are. I realize one day I will wake up to an empty house, and I will miss all of those seemingly unimportant moments with all the chatter and all the noise, and yes, possibly, even the bickering. It's so important to me to capture those little giggles, those cute little nuances, and all the adventures we take as a family. Ultimately, one never knows when life will change in the blink of an eye! 

Time doesn't slow down for anyone, so I want you to know that it's deeply important to me to capture not only the posed smiling moments, but the first time your dad sees you in your beautiful wedding dress, the way your little girl or little boy holds your hand, how your toddler melts into your arms and just wants to be held by Mama, Mommy and Daddy just sitting there taking it all in as the chaos surrounds them, the feel of that newborn baby in your home in the beginning, and a million other moments in time we can't ever go back to! These are the moments I long to capture and the moments that really make my heart skip a beat, the moments that make up every day of our lives! 

A Little Bit About Kristy

Complete Night Owl | Loves Going New Places | Favors Summer Over all Other Seasons | Gets Way Too Excited About Organizing Things | Loves Planning Parties | Can't Keep A Plant Alive To Save My Life | Loves, Loves, Loves Warm Summer Nights | Would Choose Jeans Over Dresses Any Day Loves | The Ocean | Was Born and Raised In A Small Upstate New York Town Where I Still Live | Has Been Known To Always Leave The Cabinet Doors Open | Uses Exclamation Points Excessively | Gets Overly Excited When A New Photobook Comes In The Mail | Learning to Love Avocado | Would Choose Fresh Air Over Air Conditioning Any Day | Feels So Passionate About Marriage and Family | Loves Jesus | Loves All Things Chocolate and Peanut Butter | Always At Any Given Time Has A Phone Full Of Photos | Loves Target | Would Love To Go Back To Hawaii Some Day Soon | Drives My Husband Crazy Rearranging Furniture | Eats Hot Sauce On Popcorn | Loves Blurb Photobooks | Thinks Water Tastes Better Out Of A Glass | The 4th of July Is In The Running For My Favorite Holiday | Loves Makeup But Is Terrible At Applying It | Loves The One Second A Day App | Loves All Things Tomatoes | Clutter Makes Me Crazy | Lives To Travel And Would Love To See All 50 States | Have Lived In 5 Houses My Whole Life In The Same Town | Hopeless Romantic At Heart | Tries To Look On The Bright Side | Is Notorious For Only Drinking Half A Glass Of Something | Doesn't Give Up On Things Easily | Loyal to a Fault | Loves to Help People | Enjoys Being Outside